Stackable Canister 20 SK2

The canister with the outstanding stacking properties

  • optimised beading in the corner columns
  • enlarged stacking knobs for improved locking against sliding
  • large base area and low centre of gravity: ideal for stacking
  • with 12 canisters per layer complete utilisation of the 80 x 120 cm pallet area: no additional securing of load required

Especially user-friendly:

  • optionally with additional vent closure for drainage without sputtering and gurgling
  • coloured canister optionally available with viewing strip at the face
  • with litre scale
  • large carrying handle and recessed grip in the bottom for better handling

Optimal vent closure for drainage without sputtering and gurgling

Nominal volume l20
Type20 SK2
Overspill l22,4
Length mm300
Width mm260
Shoulder height mm354
Total height mm362
Neck Ø mm47
Closure no.61
Pieces per layer EURO pallet
0,80 x 1,20 m
Pieces per layer CHEMICAL pallet
1,00 x 1,20 m
Hazmat approvalUN