About us

The Wandel Packaging Group Blow Moulding GmbH

Wandel Packaging Group Blow Moulding GmbH was founded in September 1962 under the name Plastikpack GmbH and is thus one of the first manufacturers of extrusion-blown plastic containers. In 1965 already, the first independent stackable canister was introduced onto the market. Today we have specialised entirely in the manufacturing of hazardous canisters and are furthermore founding member of the “Gütegemeinschaft-Kunststoffverpackungen für gefährliche Güter e.V.” (Quality community – plastic packaging for hazardous goods) which was founded at the beginning of the eighties to guarantee the compliance of the specified quality standards.

We are the leaders in the production of hazardous canisters throughout Europe and are producing at two production sites in Germany and France with more than 50 extrusion blow moulding machines which work 24 hours a day and produce approx. 25 million plastic containers annually. Our range of products varies between handier 2 l and 30 l hazardous canisters with optimal view stripe and a second opening for ventilation.

Our canisters are made of high quality Polyethylene and due to our plant Recyclen, we have the opportunity to manufacture new products made of used canisters and PE-ground material.

The Wandel Packaging Group Blow Moulding GmbH, the Huttenlocher GmbH and the Wandel Packaging Group Recyclen GmbH are part of the Wandel Packaging Group.